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Gastric and colorectal cancers are the common gastrointestinal cancers we deal with at our center. Surgery is the primary treatment. For gastric cancers we are offering D2 gastrectomy (removal of cancer along with all lymph nodes). Dr G Srinivas, our Surgical Oncologist, has a vast experience in dealing with these cancers, as it is one of the common cancers in south India. At Ascent hospitals we are doing these surgeries with minimal postoperative complications.  Our team has also the experience of doing extended resection (eg. Removal of liver, gall bladder,fake watches diaphragm etc) if required in these cases.
Colorectal cancers have good prognosis if diagnosed early. Surgery is the primary treatment. Removal of tumor with lymph nodes is done routinely. For rectal cancers we are using staplers to avoid colostomy in many patients.
Esophageal cancers require special surgical expertise for good outcome. Dr G Srinivas, our chief Surgical Oncologist, is trained in doing advanced esophageal surgeries like two field esophagectomies. Postoperative ICU care, with ventilator facility is available for ensuring good outcome in these cases.

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